• Towards a Better Tiny House
  • Tiny Sun House
  • 2Coyotes "Sometimes, being a little wild, living a little on the edge, can be good..."
  • Homesick - Exploring simplistic human habitation.
  • Mobile Condo "We have decided to give up the American Dream - including our house and credit - to live in a converted 24' GMC T6500 box truck (175 sq ft, plus a 7x14 workshop/trailer) and spend our life doing whatever makes us happy."
  • Housetruck "A compact and mobile home in which I can hang out and socialize, cook and eat, and retreat and sleep."
  • Cabin fever "Assuming all goes well and it is up before snow flies…I’ll post on how great it is to live a winter up in the snow zone in 10 square meters"
  • Laptop and a Rifle
  • Tales of a tiny homestead "Our goal is to become self-sufficient and able to care for ourselves and others in a way that is in harmony with nature. We feel that a tiny home will allow us the freedom and opportunity to do just that, and have fun along the way!"